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Australian Scent Pebble gift box

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Surprise somebody special (even yourself) with this beautiful, sustainable gift that includes a ceramic aroma diffuser, a small wooden saucer, and an Australian Bush blend of essential oils.

Rather than relying on electricity or battery power to scent your favourite room, let nature do it for you with a handmade pebble diffuser. The pebble in this gift pack is made from a porous clay which absorbs the essential oils and allows the aroma to gently waft through the space. A simple and eco-friendly approach.

The essential oils blend includes Lemon Myrtle, Honey Myrtle and citrus oils.

About the Maker: Belen Berganza studied ceramics in Madrid and now lives in Perth where she makes contemporary and timeless handmade pieces that are worthy of being passed on to the next generation. As an advocate for sustainability, she ensures that every step in her process is designed to limit harm to the earth.

Made in: Perth, WA
Materials: Clay, wood, essential oils
Dimensions: 5.5cm x 2.5cm (Pebble), 6cm x 1.5cm (Saucer)

The little wooden dishes are not made in Australia but a sourced from a small business that uses certified-sustainable Anacardium timber.

Halka B essential oils are blended from pure oil sourced ethically and sustainably from small farming communities around the world. Where possible, organic oils are used.

Image courtesy of the maker.

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