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Handmade Ceramic Scent Diffuser

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Take a sustainable and handmade approach to scenting your favourite space, be it a room, the car, or even a wardrobe. The scent pebble is a beautiful and eco-friendly object that has been made from clay and formed by hand. Small enough to sit discretely on your desk or shelf, it can be carried easily from room to room. Top it up everyday with your favourite essential oil and enjoy the benefits.

O Gosh testing: "I put the pebble in my bathroom and top up most days with my current essential oil. It looks elegant and gives off a gentle waft of fragrance. It's a lovely no fuss way to scent your room." Denise

This aroma diffuser is made from a porous clay which absorbs the essential oils and allows the scent to gently waft through the space. A simple and eco-friendly approach that avoids the use of electricity or batteries.

How to use: wet your new pebble under running water for a second, then allow to dry. Place your pebble on a small dish and add one or two drops of your chosen essential oil in the centre of the pebble. If you want to change the aroma or the pebble becomes too saturated with oil, boil it in soapy water, and it will be ready to use again once it is dry.

About the Maker: Belen Berganza studied ceramics in Madrid and now lives in Perth where she makes contemporary and timeless handmade pieces that are worthy of being passed on to the next generation. As an advocate for sustainability, she ensures that every step in her process is designed to limit harm to the earth.

Made in: Perth, WA
Materials: Clay
Dimensions: 5.5cm x 2.5cm

We recommend the scent pebble be placed on a non-porous surface.

Image courtesy of the maker

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