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Pikilyli Jukurrpa art print [10 x 10]

Pikilyli Jukurrpa art print [10 x 10]

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Enjoy a glimpse of Theo Nangala Hudson's Aboriginal culture through this print that depicts Pikilyli dreaming. Pikilyli is a large natural spring that was the home of two rainbow serpents, near Mount Doreen station on Warlpiri country.

This Dreaming belongs to the women and men of the Japanangka / Napanangka and the Japangardi / Napangardi skin groups.

The print has a double mount in an Australian-made frame that can sit on a shelf, or be hung on your wall.

The Artist, Theo (Faye) Nangala Hudson, started to learn painting when she was 13 years old and has been painting in earnest since 2006. She combines vivid colours and traditional iconography in an original and bold manner.

Artist: Theo Nangala Hudson
Material: Paper (print) and wood (frame)
Dimensions: 10cm x 10xm (print); 18.4cm x 18.4cm (frame)

First Nations Artist

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