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Peachy Banksia photograph by Jen McCue [ A2 ]

Peachy Banksia photograph by Jen McCue [ A2 ]

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The banksia mostly gets a bad wrap, thanks to the scratchy leaves, the untidy trees, and the memory of Banksia Man drawn by May Gibbs. But Jen McCue's image captures a fragile, vulnurable Australian icon in ivory and peach, exposing the beauty and fragility of the plant and the Australian bush.

This amazing photograph is printed on the finest cotton rag art paper ensuring that all the subtle colour and detail is captured. It's a large print that will enhance your home or work space, reminding you that complexity and simplicity go hand-in-hand in our natural world. 

Jen McCue is and artist and professional photographer from Queensland's Fraser Coast. Her natural style captures the glorious detail of the coast and bush with a fresh eye.

Artist: Jen McCue from Hervey Bay, QLD
Material: Fine art cotton rag paper
Dimensions: 59cm x 42cm (A2)


Protect art on paper by having it carefully framed so that moisture cannot spoil the artwork. Alternatively, ensure it is kept away from dampness and mouldy surfaces and dust occasionally with a gentle duster. Store loose prints between acid-free boards when not on display.

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