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Kookaburra's Garden art print [30cm x 30cm ]

Kookaburra's Garden art print [30cm x 30cm ]

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Everybody has a favourite Australian bird (or two or three), and even if the Kookaburra is not yours, you'll know somebody who will love this beautiful specimen, reproduced from a drawing by Sarah Hardy. With its intelligent eye, and lovely, detailed feathers, Kaiya will delight young and old.

This bird series is printed on paper that defines innovation in sustainable paper production. The unique stock contains 50% reclaimed coffee cup fibres as part of the mix.


Why we stock these prints

Sarah Hardy's birds have real personality and Sarah has demonstrated her commitment to sustainability by choosing to have all products printed in Australia using 100% recycled, carbon neutral paper, guaranteed to last up to 100 years.

Artist: Sarah Hardy
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

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Comparative sizes

Use this illustration to help visualise the size of the artwork. For best appreciation, place your artwork so that it is at eye level when you are standing. In spaces where people are generally seated, the artwork can be lower.

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