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Food storage bags in waxed cotton

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Saltbush, dill, coriander, basil, ... whatever you choose to flavour your food will be well preserved in our herb wrap bags. Dispense with plastic wrap and supermarket bags - every action counts when we want a sustainable future. Our herb storage set comprises two bags carefully made using local, organic beeswax on organic cotton. If you like fresh, tasty meals, you'll probably need more than one set.

These sustainable alternatives to plastic film or clingwrap help you avoid waste by keeping small portions of food fresh in your fridge.

The maker of our waxed storage bags is committed to using organic and Australian ingredients in its products, to ensure they are the highest quality available. Products are made in small batches in Western Australia.

Made in: Perth, WA
Material: Organic cotton, beeswax
Dimensions: 2 x 18cm x 36cm bags

This set comprises two bags 18cm x 36cm

These food wraps can be washed and should last for 12 months+ if cared for correctly. Put them in the compost when they're done.

  • Enjoy our carefully selected, Australian-made products from designers, artists, and makers who embrace sustainability and ethical business practices.

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