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Gumnuts original linocut by Megan Debicki

Gumnuts original linocut by Megan Debicki

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This dramatic black and white print features gumnuts - one of the delights of the Australian bush. The artist has created a playful pattern that highlights the unique nature of our world. This print would be an ideal house-warming present for those concerned about sustainability and protection of the environment.

The Artist

Megan Debicki is an Adelaide-based artist who enjoys the process of creating beautiful, unique, and sustainable products. She carves lino by hand to produce limited edition prints on a hand press, and paints delicate, evocative watercolours.

Linocuts are a type of block or relief printing, which is a method where an image is carved in reverse and then inked with a roller. An impression is taken by applying pressure to transfer the ink to paper.

Artist: Megan Debicki
Material: 216gsm Favini Prisma paper
Dimensions: 15.5cm x 29cm
Edition of 7
Signed by the artist

The artwork is not framed.

Metropolitan Artist

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