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Begin notebook with recycled paper

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It seems like the easiest thing in the world, but in reality, the hardest act is to just BEGIN. Whether it is a simple drawing, recording observations, or taking notes, making that first stroke of pen to paper can often bring us asunder. Use this notebook made from sustainable materials to make it easier. With sixty pages stitched along the spine, this notebook is ideal for everyday use.

Lifelong friends, Karen and Amber, started their printing business in 2004 after studying at UTS and travelling far and wide. In their Sydney studio, printing by hand gives each piece bold, tactile quality, The duo uses sustainable materials such as recycled paper, water-based inks, and durable fabrics, and everything is done in Australia because they believe local production is an practical way to reduce their carbon footprint.


Made in: Sydney
Material: Kraft card, recycled paper, water-based ink
Dimensions: 14.7cm x 21cm, 60 pages

The pages are unlined.

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