Ethical businesses working together

Ethical businesses working together

One aim in ethical shopping is to seek out goods and services that are produced without labour exploitation in any part of the process. By making these choices, consumers can help to end modern slavery. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go, and you may be surprised to hear that slavery exists here in Australia.

The Freedom Hub was founded in 2014 by Sally Irwin to help victims of modern slavery in Australia. The Freedom Hub offers support and guidance to survivors in negotiating the next steps to their new life. They do this in all sorts of ways including education, workshops, yoga and social outings. Based in inner city Sydney, they operate a school, a café, a shop and a growing network of volunteers.

Freedom Hub provides a caring and welcoming space for survivors of modern slavery. One lovely thing they offer is a welcome gift bag for newly onboarded survivors. For many, this is the first example of kindness in a long time. Recently Freedom Hub reached out to other ethical and sustainable businesses, seeking employment opportunities contributions. GOSH Shop was pleased to donate a parcel of beautiful Australian made soaps and sustainable face cloths to add to their welcome bags.

Bush Medijina products at O Gosh Shop

On October 15 2022, Freedom Hub is holding a Freedom Fair at their Young St address in Waterloo, to showcase local businesses who offer ethical products. The fair also offers activities like Ethical Chocolate Tasting, a raffle and Door Prizes. Go along and see for yourself how ethical businesses are working together, and have some fun too.

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