Beauty redefined with native botanicals

Beauty redefined with native botanicals

If you are passionate about natural skincare, come along with us and learn about Australian native botanical ingredients. You'll be surprised and delighted by this world of unique, sustainable, and locally inspired goodness.

Community based Skincare

In remote Australia, where unemployment and poverty are ruining lives, First Nations women are proactively creating botanical skincare brands that empower their communities. Using local ingredients to produce products in small batches, these brands are a source of hope, stability, and cultural preservation. Whatever your skin type, skin concerns, or skincare routine, you can be assured that embracing native botanical skincare products is a good thing to do.

Let's think about the benefits beyond healthy skin and daily moisturiser.

Economic Independence: Small batch skincare brands source their ingredients from the bush and work with local communities to provide income opportunities for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

Cultural Preservation: Many of these brands are deeply rooted in Indigenous traditions and knowledge. They help communities preserve cultural practices and retain generational wisdom.

Future Prospects: Local, independent, community run initiatives challenge the cycle of despair that has taken root in some remote communities. Hope and purpose can lead to improved wellbeing beyond the doors of the enterprise.

Founded by Warnindilyakwa women from the Northern Territory, Bush Medijina is a community-driven organisation established to share knowledge and preserve traditions. The remarkable women who manage this social entreprise have learnt how to make skincare products and run an award-winning business on their own country and on their own terms.

Australia's Hidden Botanical Treasures

Embracing skincare products with ingredients sourced from native plants isn't just about personal beauty; it's also about sustainability By choosing products that feature native botanicals, you contribute to the preservation of Australia's rich biodiversity and empower communities that have safeguarded these ingredients for generations. Plus, you get help with dull skin and lacklustre hair.

While many of us are familiar with skincare ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Quandong, there are lesser-known, yet equally remarkable, native ingredients that come trom traditional skincare routines.

The women from Bush Medijina use their cultural knowledge to harness the benefits of Merrika and Mawilyaburna which are both know to soothe the skin. Other ingredients are listed below with the name in local language and English.

  • Dingadilyenjirkka (White Cloud Tree): An ingredient that has been traditionally used by the women of Groote Eylandt to maintain luxurious and healthy hair.
  • Dumburumba (Native Sandalwood): Known for its ability to treat sores, stings, and skin rashes, Dumburumba helps soothe the skin.
  • Mamaburra (Wild Peach): The seeds, leaves, and bark of the wild peach offer nourishing benefits and help revitalise the skin to protect it from environmental stressors.
  • Mamarra (Small Leaved Paperbark): Mamarra leaves were traditionally steeped in water and used to soothe the body.  
  • Wurruwarduwarda (Spinifex Grass): Spinifex grass has natural cleansing properties.

These plants are sourced and processed locally and used in recipes developed by the women at Bush Medijina. They can help us in the same way that they have helped the Warnindilyakwa people for thousands of years.

Bush Medijina and other First Nations natural skincare brands are not just about beauty; they are about creating a more sustainable life for future generations. When you buy products from these enterprises, you're helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people control their destiny.

Embrace these products to celebrate the strength and resilience of First Nations women, while enhancing your regular skincare routine. Try this beautiful daily scrub in your morning skincare routine to encourage silky skin, or incorporate other native botanical products into your night-time routine to reap the benefits.


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