Sustainable Gift Ideas for Her

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to gift-giving, are you often worried that you won't get it right? You might even question whether gifts are worthwhile at all, given that the world is drowning in waste. If so, make sure your gift won't be added to the reject pile by choosing eco gifts made by local makers and artisans who use sustainable materials. When you take the time to give socially-conscious gifts, you show the recipient that you care about her values while giving a gift that she will treasure.

Women – even those that you know well – are frustrating to buy for, so let's start by looking at the range of products and gift ideas that are likely to appeal.

Unique Jewellery

Australian jewellery designers are clever in their approach to sustainable products – from kangaroo leather to felted beads, they incorporate a wide range of choices that help protect the earth. So, when considering jewellery, make a mental note of your friend's style before you start looking. Choose sustainable and eco-friendly materials and look for exceptional craftsmanship; you want things that last. And keep in mind that nobody can ever have too many pairs of earrings!

Pampering Products

Look for brands that use natural and sustainable ingredients, and avoid products that include harmful chemicals or palm oil. Consider beauty products such as special soaps and body butters made from natural ingredients. Or give something relaxing like an Australian bush-scented candle or an eye pillow infused with local lavender.

Sustainable scent pebble and Australian essential oil


Treat her to a sustainable spa day, a cooking class using locally sourced ingredients, or a guided bushwalk. Keep in mind that experiences create memories, help minimise waste, and support local businesses.

Sustainable Home Decor

We all want our homes be warm and cosy, and we can also aim for them to be chemical free. Accordingly, sustainable tea-towels, table runners, and cushion covers made from natural fabrics, or recycled glassware serve both purposes. These gifts not only add a touch of style but also promote sustainable practices. Look for hand-printed textiles from Australian textile designers – they're a great way to add pizzazz to any living space.

Zero-Waste Kits

Help her reduce her environmental footprint with zero-waste kits which include reusable items like stainless steel cutlery, waxed storage bags, reusable shopping bags, and locally-made cleaning products. Any of these would be a perfect gift for someone looking to embrace sustainable living. None-the-less, take the time to check out where the products originate and bypass those made by companies that deny people a living wage.

Ethical Fashion

The fashion industry is on notice to clean up its act before it’s too late. We hear stories every day about people in third world countries being paid a pittance so that we can feel fashionable. Avoid fast fashion and support local designers instead. Talk to accessory makers at markets about how they make their handbags, wallets, jewellery, and scarves – being well-informed gives you confidence in your choices.

Sustainable cork purse and keyholder made in Australia

Locally Made Gifts

Support small businesses and seek out sustainable handmade products. If you're still undecided about what to choose, gift boxes that include a few little surprises are a good bet. When you buy from local makers, you are giving a unique and meaningful gift, while contributing to the local economy. Additionally, imported goods add to environmental costs, so save those purchases for products that aren't made here.

Let's aim for perfect delight

Now that you know the types of gifts to look out for, let's add the personal touch and think about the recipient. Picking out the ideal gift becomes easier when you take into account her personal style and interests. Don't wait for the holiday season or special occasions, gifts given with appreciation can enhance her day, every day.

Her Style

Every woman has her own unique style so take a moment to observe her fashion choices and preferences. Is she someone who loves the beach life, rocking flowy sundresses and always ready for a dip in the sea? Or maybe she's more of a city dweller, with a flair for the latest trends and urban vibes. Identifying a style can give you tips about what's in and what's out (in her world) and shows that you pay attention to what she loves.

Her Interests

Is she a bookworm who likes nothing better than being lost in a gripping novel? Try a title from the Miles Franklin or Stella Prize long list. If she's a foodie, surprise her taste buds with gourmet treats, a cooking class, or culinary adventure. Whether she's into art, sports, or tech gadgets, there's a gift out there that will align with her passions and prompt a smile.

Her Concerns

What does she care about? Climate change and sustainability are top of the list for many, and those people appreciate that buying local and handmade is good for the planet. So it makes sense to seek out handcrafted gifts or products made by Australian brands. Whether it's a beautiful piece of jewellery in Australian colours or stunning artwork capturing the birds of the Australian bush, she'll love the thought and effort you put into supporting local businesses. Just be careful to distinguish between 'Australian-designed' and 'Australian-made' because they mean entirely different things.

Follow our tips and soon you will be on delightful journey, feeling inspired as you choose perfect gifts for the amazing women in your life. By understanding their personal style, uncovering their interests, and aligning with their concerns, you'll undoubtedly find gifts that will surprise them and make you feel great. Take your time, keep sustainability in mind, and look for something as warming and bright as the Australian sunshine.

Happy gift-giving!

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