Gift ideas for the men in your life

Gift ideas for the men in your life

We receive all sorts of queries from our customers, and a recent one asked if we could offer gift ideas for a bloke. A quick Internet search will suggest watches, socks, jocks (underwear), shirts, ties, and t-shirts (not necessarily made from sustainable material), golfer gear or even beer-scented candles. Golfing gear, fishing gear, and sports equipment might work for some, but we favour locally made and more personal gifts.  

So, whether your boyfriend, partner, father, husband, brother, or best mate has a birthday coming up, or you're simply keen to find an ethical gift for one of the men in your life, here are some gift ideas.

Preserves made from farm produce

Food for thought  

All the men in my family are better cooks than I am, which is nice because I only like to cook for guests. Birthday gifts of food hampers or a selection of cooking gadgets are always well received. And for those who embrace the foodie lifestyle, we have some fabulous wax wrap cloths and cutlery sets that will help him avoid using plastic cutlery when out and about. Both these are Vegan as well.

Reusable cutlery sets are becoming increasingly popular as people become aware of the environmental impact of single-use plastics. While some might include bamboo or recycled plastic cutlery, ours are stainless steel because bamboo eventually wears out and recycled plastic is still plastic. Top up these products with a wombat tote bag that's hand printed and made from sustainable cotton and you're cooking with gas - though we now have to be cooking with electricity and that doesn't roll of the tongue so easily.

Personal care gifts

These are always a great way to show someone you care, and excellent gifts for men. Think about the man in your life and what he likes. Does he have a signature scent? If so, you might initially go for a cologne or aftershave, but there aren't a lot of Australian-made fragrances.

However, beard care oil and shaving soap are a different matter. Our man-care products are made in Melbourne from pure ingredients. Buying Australian-made is a great way to ensure that products use quality ingredients designed to nourish and protect skin and facial hair, regardless of age. The shampoo block and beard oil are made from natural ingredients including organic essential oils.

Beard care kit gift for men

Men often embrace hectic lifestyles, and it's important for them to find time to relax and take care of themselves. For Easter or Christmas (think stocking fillers), have a look at the range of Bush Medijina balms because men, like the rest of us, need to sleep and breathe easily. Bush Medijina balms are made with native botanicals specifically designed to help us all do just that and are more great gifts for men!

Just because gifts

Just because gifts are those you give when there's no special occasion  just a desire to say you're a special guy, you're my friend, and I care about you. Try saying I care about you, the environment, and a sustainable community with a wallet, card holder, or key ring made from sustainable material such as cork or washable paper. Not only are these an environmentally friendly choice, but they also look great. Cork is a particularly popular choice for wallets and card holders, as it is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Plus it has a unique texture that feels great.

Treats for man's best friend

If you live with a bloke who loves his dog to bits, but not enough to invest in training, you might have to employ the sneaky gift tactic. Keryn Bardwell is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who offers in-home and online courses. The articles on her website, A New Leash on Life are full of good advice. Take the latest one, My Top Five Dog Training Essential Commands where she says "A dog who has a solid basic repertoire of commands is much more likely to be a valued family member ..." Send your man a link to this article and then subtly start to suggest that training the little four-legged friend would make life easier for everyone.

Alternatively, go with The Happy Jack Co and keep [his] dog looking, smelling and feeling pawsome with Australian-made products. Their No 1 seller is skin repair balm for dogs, Ruff Skin Salvation. There's even a discount if you buy more than one tin. Great idea if you have lots of friends with dogs. Or have a look at Saint Ernie and their most amazing little dog houses. As founder and CEO Pip Reed says, "Our stylish decor and dog accessories are sustainable and we are committed to helping the environment and protecting our future." You can't ask for more than when you are looking for gifts for men (and their four legged friends).

Gifts of imagination

For Father's Day, Valentines Day, a wedding anniversary, or another special occasion when you want something really dramatic, give the gift of Australia with an incredible landscape photo or a set of landscape art prints. And for blokes who like birds (pun intended), we have a fabulous collection of original linocuts and art prints featuring native birds. These prints are created by some of the most talented artists around, who have a deep appreciation for the beauty of birds. From the majestic magpie to the colorful rainbow lorikeet, our prints feature a wide variety of Australian birds that men will love.

Photographs of Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia


So, you can see that men's gifts can be more creative than clothing or shoes, a belt, bbq set, tools, hunting gear, or home office set. Avoid novelty items like a gadget phone, laptop, or tablet cover, feel good mugs, and cheap jewellery. These are unlikely to be made locally by an ethical business.

Look around and if you find it really hard to choose, gift cards are always welcome.

Whatever you decide, you can be assured that everything at O Gosh Shop is made in Australia. We'll send your purchase out quickly, and make sure it looks super special. We offer next day delivery and shipping and postage within Australia is $10.00. We accept Paypal and credit and debit cards: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Your purchases are secure and we're here to help if there are any problems.

Finding sustainable, local products for men is easy at O Gosh. Take a look now.

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