About O Gosh

I'm Anne-Marie Yee. Most people know me as AMY or AM. I'm a maker and designer, and the owner of O Gosh Shop.

In a nutshell

  • I'm culturally more aligned with Melbourne than Sydney
  • In fashion, more influenced by Issy than Yves
  • In food and wine, more likely to appreciate King Valley than Hunter
  • Love bright colours but mainly wear black
AM wearing a black dress

After decades working in business, I wanted my post-corporate life to contribute to a world where makers, creators, and artists can flourish. So, I set up O Gosh Shop to sell fabulous products made by talented Australians.

The business was shaped by friends and advisors, most notably my friend, Denise Wyatt, who helped set up the shop and kept me sane during COVID.

Right from the start, we decided to put aside 5% from every sale to donate to arts and cultural organisations, as a way of contributing to the wider community. O Gosh needs to be a lot bigger before we make a real impact, but we've made a start.


At O Gosh, we only sell beautiful, local products from fabulous artists, designers, and makers in Australia. The business operates online and you can browse the site and make purchases any time of the day or night. 

To source our range of products, we've asked friends for recommendations; trawled local markets; kept our eyes peeled whenever we've been travelling; and have contacted people all over Australia. Our requirements are always the same – beautiful products from designers, artists, and makers that are committed to local and sustainable production. We've found a lot of wonderful people making fabulous pieces and hope you'll enjoy the collection we've put together.

In August 2023, we celebrated our first birthday! Thanks for being part of the journey and let's hope you'll join us for many more milestones.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Anne-Marie Yee.


And, that fabulous photo of me in my Op Shop Alpha 60 oversized black dress was taken by Jen Taylor at Vividity in Sydney. She's a super wonderful photographer.