Why shopping Australian-made is a good choice

Why shopping Australian-made is a good choice

Buying Australian made products is good for the Australian economy, local businesses, the planet, and ethical shopping. When you buy Australian made goods, you:

  • Support the Australian economy. When you buy Australian made, you are keeping money within Australia. Whether you’re spending your money at local shops, markets, or online, you are supporting local businesses.
  • Help Australian businesses grow. After the last two years of Covid disruptions and environmental disasters, local businesses need you more than ever. By shopping with them, you are helping local businesses, communities and their economy grow.
  • Help the environment. The products don’t have to travel from overseas, reducing the environmental impact of the purchase. Many smaller businesses use locally sourced materials, making the products even more sustainable. Smaller businesses also have more control over how their products are packaged and posted, and can make more environmentally friendly choices.
  • Can be sure you are buying good quality products from accountable businesses. When you can trace your purchases to the source, you can be sure the makers are using ethical and sustainable practices to make their products.
On top of that, because they are often smaller producers with their own individual touch, you have more chance of finding something different, quirky or unusual.

    Gosh can guarantee that all our suppliers use ethical and sustainable practices to make their beautiful products here in Australia. We can also guarantee the quality of the products as we have them right here (and have bought a fair few of them ourselves!)

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