Shopping sustainably isn't all beige

Shopping sustainably isn't all beige

Thinking about eco-friendly gifts can bring to mind images of beige, but there’s plenty of room for colour in sustainable gift shopping. You can find GOSH gifts in all the colours of the rainbow. Add some colour to your life!


We love the red accent in this cute Doodle necklace by Scoops Design.

Or add a splash of colour to your walls with this beautiful deep pink photographic print by Chloe Shire.


Orange trees cusion cover

You can't go past this Orange Trees cushion cover printed by hand on sustainable Australian cotton from Adelaide brand, Bird and Bunny Homes. 

Yellow or Green

Plenty to choose from here... Try glowing green in these Fun Earrings by Frank Ideas. Gaze at the dreamy green hills in this beautiful print by Julian Newman. For the children, we have frogs.

Blue and Indigo

Who doesn't love a Blue Wren?

Blue Wren and Geraldton Wax by Carlie Edwards

Add some drama to your table with these Galaxy placemats by Her Indigo. 

Or spoil yourself with this gorgeous lapis lazuli necklace by PearlGem designs.


Have a look at this cute little owl that has some purple and bright pink going on. With a bright splash of purple, these colourful dangles by Solart are perfect for summer.

We do have some beautiful beige things in our shop too! Like these stunning, sustainable linen tea towels.

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