Australian jewellery brands | six of the best

Australian jewellery brands | six of the best

What do you look for when buying earrings and other jewellery? Is Australian-made top of the list? Perhaps it should be, because talented and innovative Australian jewellery designers are embracing the philosophy of ethical, sustainable, and locally-made to ensure you feel fabulous in luxury pieces that contribute to a more sustainable community.

When you're building your jewellery collection, information about Australian-made designer jewellery is hard to find, so we're out to fix that. We'll help you add to your jewellery box with luxury sustainable pieces of jewellery, such as original handmade necklaces and earrings that suit your personal style. They'll become favourite pieces that will be loved for years to come.

Australian jewellery fashion brands

Let's talk about the accessories you choose to enhance your outfits and your mood whether you're spending your days in the boardroom or your night out on the town.

Soft and Sensuous

When you imagine a sensuous pair of earrings, is leather the first thing that comes to mind? This lightweight, sustainable material is being used by innovative designers who specialise in brilliant Australian-made earrings. Caroline Carruthers in Noosa is leading the way with the Deccoangel label. She uses a combination of processes to minimise waste, and creates unique pieces (with a nod to femininity) that are designed to make the wearer feel special. Imagine how these ones will capture the light as you turn your head.

Sustainable leather earrings

Sculptural Fashion

The Frank Ideas collection created by designer Rowan Shaw comprises unique, sculptural fashion accessories that are made by hand in Australia from quality new, recycled, upcycled, and non-conventional materials. You'll see style icons wearing these tactile masterpieces, and you'll find them in art gallery gift shops and specialist boutiques. Make sure you pick up a few statement pieces from this fantastic designer who creates Australian-made earrings and necklaces from surprising and recycled materials.

Wearable Art

Leela Fernandez from Solart creates gorgeous wearable art from her original ink paintings. Her contemporary jewellery is made in Melbourne using sustainably sourced hoop pine. Leela believes Mother Earth needs our love and that we can all help by going local and embracing sustainably sourced materials and recycling. When you're looking for timeless design, this is the label for you.

Wearable art earrings from Solart

Cultural connections

Gunditjmara woman Laura Thompson, founder of The Koori Circle and Clothing the Gaps, combines a love of fashion earrings with Aboriginal culture in her accessory brand, The Koorie Circle. Her statement earrings, which feature Aboriginal art, cultural items, and native animals, are designed to be worn by everyone. Made in Australia, these pieces are dynamic and fun. Wear them whenever you want to spark a conversation.

Big and bold Matriarch Shield earrings from The Koori Circle

Bold and Memorable

There's a good chance you've seen Sophie Cooper's earrings, necklaces, and brooches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or Byron Bay because they are bold, memorable, and designed to compliment every wardrobe. Her brand, Scoops Design, crafts all its products in Australia from sustainably-sourced wood. Obviously the lightweight variety. The range is loved in the fashion industry and it is not only for women; Scoops has a men's collection as well.

Wooden earrings from Scoops Designs

Sophisticiaton in Silver

Sarah Munnings is a self taught jewellery artist who specialises in unusual or quirky handmade jewellery pieces from sterling silver, gold, copper and brass, using recycled metals where possible. Her studio is in the Dandenongs where she works on special pieces that are likely to become family heirlooms. Just have a look at the teaset earrings to see what we mean. You'll love the organic shapes and minimalist designs that make up her signature style.


None of this ethical Australian-made jewellery is produced in a factory. Rather, manufacturing is small-scale and production is often done by hand. The supply chain is contained, with raw materials being sourced from the local community. Companies that embrace sustainability are also known for using packaging made from post-consumer waste (recycled) materials. Some use fabric jewellery bags made from textile waste, while others use recycled card boxes and compostable mailer bags for online deliveries.

Moreover, many artisans and designers who are committed to using sustainable and ethical production methods, include recycled and upcycled materials in their practice, and take care to minimise waste.

The benefits of sustainable Australian-made

  • Australian-made designer jewellery and handcrafted items are made high quality materials and attention to detail, resulting in products that will last. Years of craftsmanship and skill go into these products from top Australian designers.
  • Sustainably made jewellery is often unique and one-of-a-kind, with each piece having its own story. This is especially true for handmade items, as each is crafted by an individual artisan and is unlikely to be identical to any other.
  • Australian-made designer products and handcrafted items draw on local and regional cultural traditions, providing a sense of connection to the history and heritage of the country. This is especially the case with First Nations art and craft, which frequently embodies thousands of years of cultural knowledge.

Once you start to look, it is surprising how many fabulous Australian-made designer products can be found.

Overall, Australia's designers and artisans excel at creating products that are unique, beautiful, and functional, drawing on the country's natural beauty, multicultural heritage, and rich cultural traditions, to create pieces that you will love for a long time. And finally, a commitment seeking out local and ethical products is an important way that each of us can demonstate that we care about the community.

We've made a start for you by putting together this collection. Take a look now at the rest of the range at O Gosh Shop.

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