Sustainable packaging for your online purchase

Sustainable packaging for your online purchase

Packaging and postage are an intrinsic part of ecommerce and our aim at O Gosh Shop is to embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions so that we can ship products as sustainably as possible.

To package and post your gorgeous goodies, we use a range of green packaging, plastic alternatives, recycled materials, and eco-friendly packaging, in particular:

  • Honeycomb wrap (scrunchy paper packaging instead of bubble wrap)
  • Kraft (brown) paper wrapping
  • Compostable packaging mailers
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes and mailers
  • Acid free tissue paper
  • Hemp cord, paper twine, or cotton string
  • Water activated or natural rubber adhesive sticky tape

All your orders are consciously wrapped so they can be delivered as sustainably and safely as possible while reducing our environmental impact. We avoid single-use plastics in our products and wrapping, but if we receive an order that contains less eco-friendly packaging materials (e.g. plastic packaging), we keep those in circulation whenever it's feasible. That's why you might occasionally find some other materials, like bubble wrap or a regular mailer, have been used in your delivery.

We encourage you to reuse our recyclable packaging, such as cardboard boxes, whenever you can. Corrugated cardboard is quite strong and can withstand a few trips in the post.

One very good thing about O Gosh is that we’re not a mega-online store where robots (or poorly paid people) pick your products. We wrap and ship orders ourselves, and when you buy a few different items, they will usually be wrapped and packed in one parcel, saving on packaging and carbon emissions.

Finally, our carrier is good old fashioned, Australian-owned Australia Post. As a transport business, Australia Post has a significant environmental impact and it uses carbon offsetting to reduce its carbon footprint. This means they compensate for the carbon emissions their business produces by financing projects (planting trees or building renewable power infrastructure) that are intended to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Being sustainable by choosing compostable mailers, recyclable materials, and products made from natural resources as much as possible, is one of the ways we are contributing to the circular economy.


Beautiful photo of the Australian coast by Will Turner on Unsplash

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