Have a very Merry (eco-friendly) Christmas

Have a very Merry (eco-friendly) Christmas

There are lots of ways we can enjoy the festive season and still look after the planet. We can spoil our family and friends and deck the halls – without filling up the rubbish bins.

Here are some suggestions for a more sustainable Christmas…

Wrap your gifts with brown paper and hemp or sisal twine. The paper can be recycled and the twine is biodegradable (or resuable). This kind of wrapping has an old fashioned appeal : as the old saying goes, good things come in brown paper packages!

Alternatively, you could wrap your presents with furoshiki, the Japanese method of presenting gifts wrapped in beautiful material. The wrapping can be part of the gift, too.

If you want to make sure your gift goes straight to the pool room, rather than into the bottom drawer, try a gift voucher. The recipient can take their time choosing exactly what they want. Vouchers are sent out by email so this a great option when you're running out of time. Another way to avoid possible delays in the post is to try a gift vouchers for an experience, from a manicure to a hot air balloon ride. Try and support local businesses if you go down this route.

Scented tealight candles in a gift box
Choose presents that are consumable. This doesn’t have to be chocolate, not that there’s anything wrong with that…  thoughtfully chosen eco-friendly candles, soaps and other pamper products can all be enjoyed while they are being used up. Another option is a present that keeps growing in the future, starting with a seed card. Or, you could make your own consumables and present them in a (recyclable) cardboard box. Have you ever tried fruit mince tarts? They make a really special festive treat. 
Photo of cards with seeds

And if you're even more adventurous, and have some time, you can make your own Christmas crackers. Starting point: empty toilet rolls. You’ll also need cracker snaps, your chosen paper and something-not-plastic to put inside. These easy-to-follow instructions are useful.

All in all, there are many ways to enjoy the festive season without runining the earth. Every bit helps, so do what you can, and most of all make sure you enjoy yourself.

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