Creative Sustainability - Stepping Out

Creative Sustainability - Stepping Out

We want to make sustainable choices when we’re buying anything, whether it’s food, clothes, cosmetics, things for the house… Luckily for us, there are lots of makers and producers who are passionate about creating sustainable products. You just have to find them! When it comes to the gift shopping department, Gosh Shop has done the hard yards for you. You can rest assured that all the products in our shop are made using ethical and sustainable practices.

Here are some examples of how creative makers produce environmentally friendly and sustainable things of beauty, from our Stepping Out collection.


Sailcloth and tent lining. Recolab in Tasmania make their totes and utility bags using upcycled yacht sails, discarded festival tents and billboards that would otherwise go into landfill. How brilliant is that? The bags are put together using marine grade components, so they are sturdy and washable. No two bags are exactly the same but each one is special.


Eco technology

Washable Paper was originally created for the labels on the back of jeans. Creative producers have since used the same material to make other things like boxes and wallets. No harmful substances are used in the production process and it’s manufactured from cellulose fibers. The material is durable, lightweight, washable, and also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Papercutz in Brisbane makes their totes and other products using washable paper, which creates a leather look that will soften and crinkle like leather over time. 


BK Bell Designs in Canberra uses cork offcuts to create her beautiful and colourful products, including card holders and purses. Cork is a natural renewable material and is lightweight, pliable and has a lovey soft feel.


See the Stepping Out Collection for more accessories that can help you reduce the impact of over-consumption.

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