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The Round Bowl with Lid

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Just exactly the bowl you need when you want to share a meal with friends. The Round Bowl has a tight fitting lid so that you can easily carry food to a friend's bar-b-que, a workplace celebration, a Mother's Day lunch, or a family gathering.

This bowl is beautifully designed and looks great on the table – it's the perfect accompaniment to food you lovingly prepare for any special occasion. Use the Round Bowl for salads, charcuterie, cakes, school treats, marinated chicken for the bar-b-que ... In fact any time you have food to share, the Round Bowl will do you proud. 

The lid can be used as a platter as well, and the bowl makes a great fruit bowl at home.


The Round Bowl was conceived by a Sydney couple who wanted a better way to share food at a school picnic. After spending time making sure the food was delicious, they wondered how they could make the presentation appealing as well. The Round Bowl was the answer and they worked with a local manufacturer to bring it into the world. All Put a Lid on It products are made in Sydney by a company that sources plastic from Australia then cleans and shreds it to become material for new products. This process is a closed-loop solution that avoids bringing new waste into the world by making use of material that would otherwise go to landfill.


Made in: Sydney, NSW
Material: 100% recycled food grade plastic
Dimensions: 34cm diameter x 10cm high.
Comes in a square box.

Brand: Put a Lid on It.

It's safe to put the bowl in the freezer, but not the oven or microwave. Washing by hand is recommended.



  • Enjoy our carefully selected, Australian-made products from designers, artists, and makers who embrace sustainability and ethical business practices.

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