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Round Bowl with Relish gift box

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With the colder weather approaching, this gift box is is sure to warm the heart. Inside the cleverly designed and practical serving bowl, which is made in Australia from recycled material, there are three jars of delicious relish ready to spice up your winter dishes. 

This gift box includes

  • The Round Bowl from Put a Lid on It. A beautifully designed serving bowl made in Australia from recycled food-grade plastic. The Round Bowl has a tight fitting lid so that you can easily carry your favourite dishes whenever you want to "bring a plate".
  • Mango Chutney, made using trditional methods by Middle of Nowhere.
  • Banana Chilli Chutney, from locally sourced produce by Middle of Nowhere.
  • Green Tomato Pickles, from the artisan producer, Middle of Nowhere.

Middle of Nowhere Creations is an artisan producer of jams and preserves in north west Queensland (about four hours south west of Townsville). Kahlia and her team cook up traditional recipes from produce grown on their own farm or sourced locally. These products truly are made in Australia.

Just look at the ingredients and you'll see that these preserves will add flavour to your favourite casseroles and soups.

Put a Lid on It products are manufactured in Sydney by a company that sources plastic locally then cleans and shreds it to become material for new products. This process is a closed-loop solution that avoids bringing new waste into the world by making use of material that would otherwise go to landfill.


Made in: Sydney and Hughenden (QLD)

Banana Chilli Chutney ingredients: banana, onion, sugar, chilli, white vinegar, salt.

Green Tomato Pickles ingredients: green tomatoes, onions, sugar, water, ground black pepper, clove oil, chilli, salt, corn flour (maize), mustard powder, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, rice flour, all spice, celery, turmeric, food acid (260).

Mango Chutney ingredients: mango, onion, sugar, water, ground black pepper, clove oil, chilli, turmeric, coriander, salt, fenugreek, rice flour, all spice, celery, ginger powder, corn flour (maize), food acid (260).


All packaging can be recycled or put in the compost.

It's safe to put the bowl in the freezer, but not the oven or microwave. Washing by hand is recommended.

  • Enjoy our carefully selected, Australian-made products from designers, artists, and makers who embrace sustainability and ethical business practices.

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