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Returning Home print by Lisa Michl Ko-manggén [Kiku 4]

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This beautiful and intricate piece by Lisa Michl is depicted in colours representing the red and yellow ochre traditionally used for ceremonial body painting by the distinctive Aboriginal cultures of Cape York. This contemporary art work is intriguing and inspiring.


The Artist, Lisa Michl (totem name Ko-manggén), is a Kokoberrin painter and printmaker from the Central Western Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Lisa has been a practicing artist for more than two decades and her work is inspired by her memories of time spent on country with her Kokoberrin family. Through her art, Lisa documents and shares stories that have been handed down through generations.

Artist: Lisa Michl (Ko-manggén)
Material: 300gsm archival art paper
Dimensions: 23cm x 32xm (approx Kiku 4)

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