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Red-eared Finch by Melanie Hava [Kiku 4]

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The Red-eared Firetail sports a bright red bill, ear-spot and rump, and an unusual black-and-white belly. In Melanie Hava's painting it is depicted in a fantasy landscape that will bring joy to your day.

Melanie Hava's work is influenced by her Austrian heritage and her identity as a Mamu Aboriginal woman of the Dugul-barra and Wari-barra family groups. Reef, rainforest and the red soil country of western Queensland are important sources of inspiration for her. Melanie's joyful and intricate artwork shows a love of the natural world and the birds, animals, and water creatures that inhabit it.

Artist: Melanie Hava
Material: 300gsm archival paper
Dimensions: 23cm x 32xm (approx Kiku 4)

First Nations Artist

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