Sustainable packaging for your online purchase

Sustainable packaging for your online purchase

Packaging and postage are an intrinsic part of online commerce and at Gosh we want to do this as sustainably as possible. 

To package and post your purchases, we use a combination of:

  • Honeycomb wrap (scrunchy paper packaging instead of bubble wrap)
  • Kraft (brown) paper wrapping
  • Tissue paper
  • FSC* certified packing tape (recyclable)
  • Water activated tape
  • Eco cellotape
  • Compostable mailers
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes and mailers

All purchases will be carefully wrapped so they can be delivered as sustainably and safely as possible. Occasionally (rarely) you may find some other materials have been used in your delivery, like bubble wrap or a regular mailer. This is because we have received these in a delivery to us and so we are recycling them.

One very good thing about Gosh is that we’re not (insert any mega-online store name here), so if you buy a few different items, they will be wrapped and packed in one delivery, saving on packaging and carbon footprint.**

Finally, our carrier is good old fashioned Australian owned Australia Post. Our deliveries are despatched from the friendliest Post Office in Australia, Gwynneville local PO.

* Forestry Stewardship Council

** This may not always be possible, for example if you buy a very large print and a cuddly toy.


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